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Let's get you booked in!
We’re so excited that you’re coming to see us at Indie Grace! 
We have created our dream store with an amazing selection of gowns (many of them exclusive to us in Ireland) and a laid-back friendly approach to bridal. 
You’re in the best hands for your bridal journey!

Your appointment:
For your appointment, you will have the whole bridal studio to yourself and be guided through your consultation by our experienced bridal stylists.
We always try to keep this as relaxed and fun as possible and break out the bubbles for you and your crew to really enjoy the experience!

Styling Appointments:
You can book a personal 1-1 styling session in our sister store Só next door to complete your bridal look, or if you are booking in for a  bridal appointment, feel free to also pop next door and have a browse.

Need to knows:
Guidance on current lead times:
Our dresses are all made to order by our designers.
Currently lead times are typically  9-12 months depending on the designer.
If you are within 12 months of your wedding, please check in with us for up-to-date lead times and what your options are for a shorter timescale.

Price ranges:
Our collections range from £1800- £4600 with most gowns in the £2400-£3200 price range

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